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Crypto Integral USB 32GB USB 3.0 - Hardware Encryption

REF 00004
Información del producto

Integral Ref: INFD32GCRYDL3.0140-2

Crypto Dual With FIPS 140-2

32 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Password 256 Bit AES Hardware Encryption


FIPS 140- 2 -> Link -> FIPS Info

Integral Brochure - > Link -> PDF

Integral is a brand of Integral Memory plc, a company born in the UK as the PC era was just beginning in 1989. We began by supplying memory for very early PCs and data systems. Later in 1999 we began producing some of the very first memory cards and USB drives for the fast growing digital market.

Today, Integral Memory produces a wide range of memory and storage products including; DRAM, memory cards, USB drives, Solid-State-Drives (SSD) and Industrial memory solutions. All our products are warranted and supported.

We operate from facilities in the UK (design, R&D and testing); we have further sales offices in France, Spain and the Netherlands. Our products are sold by resellers in more than 50 countries and are trusted by large corporates, government departments and educational institutions.

Our passion is to bring you the latest memory products built on quality, reliability and great prices including; DDR4 memory upgrades, SDXC memory cards, 256-bit encrypted USB drives and high capacity SSDs.

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